Bring Your Religious Values and Spiritual Practices With You.

Religious values and spiritual practices can work hand in hand with counseling for your good. Call Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D.: 843-422-1408 to find out how.

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I encourage clients to incorporate their faith, religious values and spiritual practices into their counseling work with me, whether it is marriage counseling or personal/career coaching or individual psychology.

Although I am a psychologist and not a spiritual adviser, I honor, respect and (if you’re open to it), encourage you to use your faith as we work together to better your life, reduce your anxiety and improve the relationships in your life.

“A new generation of psychologists finds that a spiritual approach to treatment can help patients heal.” Tammy Worth reports that “the goal of treatment is to restore patients’ sense of control during seemingly uncontrollable situations. And increasingly, psychologists recognize the power of religion and spirituality to help patients cope with life’s challenges without becoming hopelereligious values and spiritual practicesss and depressed.” Read More →

There is value and benefit gained from having a conscious relationship with a higher power as you have come to understand what that means. For some, it involves the use and belief in religious or doctrinal beliefs. For others it may be daily rituals, meditation, chanting, or other means of expressing gratitude.

Prayer works. Mindfulness works. Meditation works. Conversations with your spiritual adviser, priest, pastor or Stevens Minister can help activate resources that heal and soothe a person’s pain. The medical, psychiatric and psychological communities have accepted that religious values and spiritual practices aid physical and mental health.

As a psychologist and marriage counselor, I support whatever religious values and spiritual practices helps you. I want to work with that, not work against it.


Spirituality and religious faith can be used effectively in combination with psychology in many ways.

Please incorporate your faith into whatever therapy we do together. I do not have a need to proselytize you or convert you to any particular religion or spiritual practice. However, if these kinds of transcending experiences are meaningful to you, come to your appointments with me ready to put your values and belief systems to work as best suits you.

“Medical studies have confirmed that spirituality can have a profound effect on mental states. In a study of men who were hospitalized, nearly half rated religion as helpful in coping with their illness.” Steven Dowshen, MD

I want your religion or any method of relating to the supernatural or Divine you use to serve you and the quality of your life, not the other way around. My goal for is for you and your relationships to heal, repair and improve so you can get back to the joy of living. Religious values and spiritual practices can work hand in hand with counseling for your good.

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