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Books by Dr. Anderson:
New Rules for Relationships and Modern Marriage: Love Is Not Enough” (order)


marriage family counseling bluffton hilton head sc

“Relationships Take Skill”

“Marriage is an important institution, and it requires just as much, perhaps even more effort to make it work, as does any other relationship. Nobody gets married knowing or wanting it to end one day. It seemed the relationship was eternal and would last forever when you decided to get married, or when you promised to be together until the “death do us apart.” Sadly, the 50% divorce ratio in America is a testament to the fact that something isn’t working. A fact that you are reminded about time and again and yet ignore, thinking that you are above it and that you know what it takes to make a marriage work.”

marriage family counseling bluffton hiltonhead sc

“Stop Addiction Forever”

BulletProof Recovery: Stop Addiction Forever!” (order)


“Relapse can attack and ruin your recovery like the bullets from a drive-by shooting. Fifty percent of all people who attempt recovery from addictive behavior relapse. How do you sustain sobriety?Bad ideas lead to good people dying. Not because ideas kill, but because bad ideas die-hard and these ideas form the hot beds for addictions to thrive. Addictions kill. People don’t realize they have killer ideas floating around in their heads. However, if you attempt recovery from addiction and achieve sobriety, you will quickly run into these bad ideas. Certain bad ideas must die so sobriety can live.Examples of Bulletproof thinking that counteract “bad ideas”: · Bad Idea: Staying sober has little to do with the shape you or your life is in. Just use your program and you will be okay. · Bulletproof Idea: The better shape you are in, the better your recovery program will work for you.”

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